Saina Nehwal

When I was a kid, I too had dreams like many of you. I wanted to play for the nation. But it was not so easy.

For my parents it was a herculean task to take care of my academics, manage my diet, get me to practice at a good stadium and with a good coach. It was like they never had their life. It is because of their sacrifices that I could become what I am.

Saina Nehwal Sign


You live your present and help them build their future.

Accurate Wind Chimes is just the right place to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and watch your children grow independently and thrive under expert guidance.

Lifestyle Management mentoring by Active life.
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Newly Constructed Appartments for Family

Becoming a Champion can be child's play!

Raising a Champion is a challenge for any parent. But, your task has just become easier. World-class facilities and great coaching comes to your doorstep and does not disrupt your daily schedule.

Sports coaching by Active Life.
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Yoga, Music or Dance

Not just sports - a child’s creative pursuits and holistic wellbeing are vital too.

Yoga by Art of Living. Music by Trinity Qualified Professional. Dance by The Dance Studio.
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Family Flats in narsingi
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A Creche within the community

Working parents need not worry about their child’s travel to and from school.

Creche by Bricks the School
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